IfTA's dynamic measurement technology makes your vibration analysis simple and efficient.

Originally conceived to diagnose acoustic vibration phenomena in combustion systems, IfTA's vibration-measurement technology sets new standards in the field of general vibration-diagnosis.

The highlights of IfTA vibration-measurement technology:

  • Complete system optimally coordinates data-collection, data-storage and analysis software
  • Modular design
  • Integrated analysis and storage of data
  • Synchronous collection and evaluation of vibration- and process data in a single system
  • Powerful high-performance vibration analysis with intuitive and user-friendly software
IfTA Schwingungsmesstechnik macht die Schwingungsdiagnose einfach
Der IfTA DynaMAster ist flexibel und modular für mobile Messungen und Anwendungen am Pruefstand

Measure complex vibrations easily with IfTA DynaMaster

The IfTA DynaMaster vibration-measurement system's modular and compact design make it perfectly suited for sonic- and vibration measurements and vibration analysis on test benches or for mobile applications which demand maximum flexibility.

From the combustion test bench to the compressor test bench on over to the motor- or gas-turbine test bench: IfTA DynaMaster adapts to your vibration measurement task, so that you can concentrate on the essentials: your measurements!

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Vibration analysis with IfTA Trend

Effective analysis tools and efficient workflows make our IfTA Trend software an indispensable part of vibration diagnosis for any measurement technician. The software can simultaneously access the IfTA DynaMaster system from multiple client PCs. That enables multiple- as well as individual online visualization and diagnosis of vibration data, and makes IfTA Trend particularly suitable, among other things, for large test teams. Coordinated modules with suitable tools and plot types are available for the special testing of, for example, acoustic phenomena, combustion vibrations, rotor dynamics, bearing and gear wear and incipient damage, vibration on structures or aerodynamic compressor instabilities. But process data is not neglected either; it can be evaluated synchronously and in conjunction with vibration data.

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Multifunktionale Messdatenanalyse: intuitive Oberflaeche, leistungsstarke Visualisierung

Systematic vibration measurement technology

Integrated: The IfTA complete system

IfTA DynaMaster is far more than just a vibration measuring device: as a user-friendly complete system with perfectly coordinated hardware and software components, it enables vibration diagnosis at the highest level with minimal training time.

Flexible: Modular Data Collection

Various measurement modules permit the synchronous collection and processing of faster and slower sensor data. Particular flexibility is achieved with the AD4Pro measuring card: The IfTA FleXense technology allows various sensors to be used without additional external amplifiers or galvanic isolators.

Self Sufficient: Aggregation & Storage

Up to eight configurable memory modules allow the storing and aggregation of data with different rates. This enables self-sufficient measuring over long periods of time. High-resolution sensor data and optimized summary files are stored in a circular buffer. A pre- and post-trigger function allows special events to be monitored and evaluated separately. A dedicated long-term storage module is available for long-term measurements.

IfTA Messmodule: modulare Messtechnik mit hoher Flexibilität

Productive: Online FFT

IfTA vibrometers also provide an integrated live vibration analysis from the FFT to the real-time correlation. Frequency spectra and the vibration values derived from them are available to the user in real time – without post-processing. Among other things, this means that even during testing procedures, the quality of a measurement can already be assessed, and the measurement itself can be selectively influenced. This eliminates expensive repeat testing, which previously was often necessary due to poor measurement results and thereby saves costs.